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RV across America

September, 2020

Stairway to Heaven

Some of my readers have asked why I haven't been posting lately. Well, look at my blog at for what I have been doing the last year. Namely crossing the country in a Dean and Sal kinda thing and having brain surgery once I crossed the finish line.

The trip was something i had envisioned as a young man with a backpack who worked in Alaska in the summer and then was flown to seattle in the fall to company meetings.After the meetings were over, instead of going back home, i would visit my friens Josie and Tony in the airdepartment. This was before the internet when Travel Agents recieved free or practically free airplane tickets anywhere in the world. People asked me how I could afford to travel to all these exoitic places and i would tell them that i could not afford living in Alaska in the off season. And it was true.Take Thailand for example. It cost me about $150.00 to get there. about $5/night to live on the Beach. it was about $!0.00 day to eat the best thai food any one could dream about.Could i do it cheaper than that that? I was living down the beach in a bungalow for .50 cents a night . The probem was the rooster that would walk under my room and start to crow.I offered to buy the rooster and order up some chicken mcnuggets with him but they turned me down so i left. Bottom line i travelled very cheaply and every year i went as far as i could go with the intention of touring Amweica when i was old. the plan worked perfectly.

Next week I will be 60 years old and while that is not old by todays standards, i am in a battle with Parkinsons that have left me battling small stuff as though i were climbing the highest mountains in the world. i know this because i have climbed the highest mountain in the western hemispere when i was half as old as i am now.

Somewhere in the near future is a book of short stories from my lifes experiences.It will include the very best of my photography but i rather doubt it will be a publically available book because frankly im not that interesting.But if you are reading this in the far future and perhaps a distant relative in the future, it might contain an element of entertainment for you. Please know that we gave it our best shot despite our increadable ignorance. There is a curse that originated in China that seems to resonate in our generation."May you live in interesting times" I have been cursed. i hope you have not!